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Fashion can be chic...
A database can be cool!

If you need to keep track of something--sales, inventory, clients, patients, investments, family, collectibles, anything--it's best to do it with a database.

  • Complete, friendly client/server systems for up to 800 users.
  • Multi-level security.
  • Totally relational environments.
  • OLAP--Online Analytical Processing--tools, reaching to almost any system when necessary.
  • Questionnaires.
  • Data Modeling.
  • Links to Oracle, SQL Server, and more.

We offer design services for any environment, and complete development using Microsoft Access and/or SQL Server engines.

We have been designing database tools for over 20 years. Financials, inventory, POS, and medical research. Banks, Clinics, Architectural Firms, Fitness Clubs, and many others.

Location is not an obstacle.

There is no charge for the first meeting. (415) 271-7725 E-mail: rhendric@aol.com
About Robert Recent Projects Recent Clients Contact