Recent Projects


  • Complete tool to support cell-phone sales and service to large businesses.
  • Booking/billing tool -- tennis, aquatics, fitness at private club.
  • Complete tool to support customer control and sales of business machines -- invoices, inventory, service contracts, marketing.
  • Upgrade check writing for bank environment.
  • Grants tool -- preparation of requests and allocation of awards.


  • Collection and scoring multiple cognitive tests for Social Cognition study.
  • Collection and reporting patient allergy skin tests, including handheld PC interface.
  • Dynamic questionnaire on epilepsy, capable of complex question skipping.
  • Image-based questionnaire and patient review tool for skin melanoma research project.
  • Patient monitoring, including interface with VAs VistA, for Substance Abuse Clinic.
  • Patient monitoring for travel clinics, including destinations, innoculation history.
  • Patient NeuroPsych analysis tool.
  • Phenomics data repository for epilepsy patients.
  • Repository of MS genetic samples.